Apple Watch Series 3 – Review 2019 | Specs | Features | Worth to buy?

Apple Watch Series 3 – Review 2019 | Specs | Features | Worth to buy?


Apple has come with the other smartwatch named as “Apple watch series 3”. Apple is a very known brand not because of its products, but because of it’s quality of the products. Every time Apple came up with its latest boom. And now it comes with its smartwatch which may be going to break all the previous records.

In this post, we are going to give you the proper review of this smartwatch known as “Apple Watch Series 3”. But before we get started with the review, let us introduce you with the Apple’s latest smartwatch i.e. Series 3.

Apple watch series 3 is a smartwatch that is designed by Apple in California. It is proved that it is one of the best smartwatches till yet. It’s not just because it is from Apple, but it actually deserves that. It is proved as the best smartwatch till yet because of it’s latest and special features and also because of its performance.

But where there are pros, there are cons too. This apple smartwatch series 3 is not perfect at all. In fact, not a single thing on this planet is perfect. We will talk about its pros and cons later in this post.

So let’s get started.

Apple watch series 3
Apple Watch – Designed by Apple in California

Design and Specifications

Design: Apple Watch Series 3 ‘s design is not so attractive at all. Its build quality is not so perfect and strong. Its body is made up of plastic material which is not good for long time use. But it’s band quality is quite good enough.

Battery: When we talk about its battery, then you are going to be surprised that its battery life is very impressive that it can last for 2 days with a single full charge in 48 hours. It is one of the best things we found in this smartwatch. If you want to buy this watch, then you don’t need to worry about battery life. It is very good.

Operating System: Now let’s talk about its technical part. The operating system installed on this smartwatch is “WatchOS 5” which is totally developed by the developers of Apple. It is very good and easy to use. There is nothing difficult to operate and you can use it easily without getting any training.

Processor: When we talk about its performance, then it is very good and smooth. The reason behind the fluent performance of this is the processor used. The processor chip used in apple watch series 3 is “S3 dual-core chip” which makes your smartwatch a fast performer.

Sensors: Here is the interesting thing about apple watch series 3. In this smartwatch, there are a number of sensors used, which are going to track your heart rate and inform you when it’s getting low or high. The various sensors used in this smartwatch are accelerometer, gyroscope, and barometer.


  1. GPS Navigation: The very first feature of this smartwatch is that it has GPS Navigation support. It means you can use maps to check your route by using this smartwatch. If you want to go somewhere by using maps then this smartwatch is going to help you by displaying the map route on your watch screen. And you don’t need to use your phone.
  2. Siri support: The next feature of this smartwatch is that it has inbuilt Siri support. It means you can use Apple’s Siri feature in your apple watch series 3. The performance of Siri is very impressive. It gives you results in very little time.
  3. Heart Rate Tracker: One of the main features of this smartwatch is that it can track your heart rate and inform you when it goes low or high. Its accuracy level is very good and this is going to be very useful if you are a health-conscious person.
  4. Call: The other important feature is that you can directly call to anyone from this smartwatch. You don’t need to put your phone out of your pocket. It has a loudspeaker to listen to the voice and also has 2 microphones to detect and send your voice to others. This function works very well.
  5. Whats-app Chat support: The most interesting feature of this smartwatch is that you can check the WhatsApp message received and also can reply to others. But one disadvantage is that there is no native WhatsApp application for this smartwatch. It means you cannot start a conversation by using this smartwatch. You can only reply to the received messages.

Pros & Cons

Everything has its pros and cons. Like this smartwatch has its pros as well as cons. Let’s check it out.


  1. Heart rate sensor
  2. Superb Battery life (approximately 2 days)
  3. Emergency SOS
  4. 2 Microphones
  5. GPS Navigation
  6. Fluent performance
  7. Calling feature
  8. Swimproof


  1. It can connect only with iPhone.
  2. Design is not good enough.
  3. Always on feature is missing
  4. Speaker is not loud enough

Is it worth to buy?

Well, this question is very interesting and its the answer is also very interesting. Let us clear your doubts.

This smartwatch has very good features and has a fluent performance. All things are good enough except for the build quality of this smartwatch. And the main thing, this smartwatch costs you around 30,000 Rs. That is, the 38 mm variant costs you around 27,999/- Rs and 42 mm costs you around 34,410/- Rs.

So according to our opinion, if you can spend around 30,000 and you can tolerate the average build quality, then you can surely go for this smartwatch and happily buy this. I will give buying link below, if you want to buy, then you can buy it by clicking on the links given below:

38 mm –

42 mm –


Apple Watch Series 3 is a very good smartwatch. It has a very good performance, superb display quality, amazing features like Siri support, barometer, gyroscope, GPS navigation and many more. The only exception in this smartwatch is that it lacks in the build quality. It means that its build quality is not so good enough.

And when we talk about it’s pricing then it costs you around 30,000 Rs which is according to us a fair deal keeping in mind the specifications and features.

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