Apple Watch Series 4 – Review 2019 | Specs | Features | Price | Worth to buy?

Apple Watch Series 4 – Review 2019 | Specs | Features | Price | Worth to buy?


Apple launched its next version of the Apple watch series. This is Apple Watch Series 4.Apple is known for its quality, performance, products, and moreover, it’s luxurious feel. It is also a very premium look smartwatch designed by Apple in California. Let us take a look at the special features of the latest Apple’s Watch Series 4.

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Apple watch series 4

Special Features

1. Heart Rate:

The very first feature is that it can track your heart rate. It consists of a heart sensor chip that is going to help you to track your heart rate and check that it is low or high. The advancement in series 4 is that it will notify you either your heart rate will low or it will high. This feature was not in apple series 3 and before. That series notify you only when your heart rate was high. But this will be going to notify you in both the conditions. So this is the plus point of this smartwatch.

2. ECG Facility:

The other interesting feature of this apple watch series 4 is that it can give you information regarding your ECG (Electrocardiogram). The electrodes are present in this latest apple watch which will be going to help you track your ECG status. This is one of the very interesting and unique features in the field of the smartwatch. I don’t think that this feature is available in any of the smartwatches.

3. Apple Pay Support:

The next important feature of apple watch series 4 is the apple pay support. Yes, you can pay the money through your smartwatch. This is possible in the apple watch series and many other smartwatches nowadays. Apple pay support lets you help in paying money, doing different money transfers, etc. So, this is the good feature that Apple is offering.

4. Emergency SOS :

Well, this is the most important and worth feature which apple is giving in its series 4 watch. In this feature, suppose if you fall down accidentally and you need help, then this feature helps you. Let me explain how- Apple watch has a fault detection sensor that if it will not respond after some fault, then this feature sends the emergency SOS message.

5. Siri support:

It is the feature that everyone may be known about. It is a very common feature of all the apple devices. With the help of a smartwatch, you can connect with Siri.

Box Contents

What are the box contents in the Apple watch series 4?

  1. Watch itself
  2. A band for wrist
  3. An extra band for size purpose
  4. Charger
  5. Reading/Setup Guide

Set up your Apple Watch Series 4

How to set up your apple watch series 4 with your iPhone?

  1. The setup process is very simple.
  2. When you take your watch from the box, then, first of all, you have to boot and set up the initial boot.
  3. And after the initial setup, launch the apple watch app installed on your iPhone.
  4. The scan code will display on the watch. You have to scan that code through your iPhone.
  5. And that’s it, your watch will be connected successfully.
  6. Now you can install some additional apps and themes according to your needs.
  7. Enjoy.

Pros & Cons


There are many pros of the apple watch series 4. Let’s check out:

  1. Heart Rate sensor
  2. ECG support
  3. Loudspeaker
  4. Siri Support
  5. Premium Look
  6. Superb display
  7. Apple pay support
  8. Emergency SOS
  9. Light Weight
  10. Stunning Design

Cons :

Like the pros, there are cons too. Let’s check out:

  1. It only connects with iPhone
  2. Price looks high (< Rs.40,000/-)

Apple watch series 4 Price (all variations)

Apple watch series 4:

40 mm – Rs 39,900/- – Buy Now

44 mm – Rs 40,900/- – Buy Now

Cellular, 40 mm – Rs 49,900/- – Buy Now

Cellular, 40 mm – Rs 52,900/- – Buy Now

Is it worth to buy Apple Watch Series 4?

Well, this question varies from person to person. This apple watch series 4 costs you around 40k. So it totally depends on you that you can afford it or not.

But if we talk about its specifications and features, then I think this is worth to buy. But before going for this, keep in mind that this watch will connect with only apple devices and not with android or any other platform. So if you have an iPhone and can afford this, then you must go for this as this is really an amazing smartwatch for you.


Apple Watch Series 4 is the latest smartwatch designed by Apple in California. It is really an amazing smartwatch. Some of its features are really unique and useful. Various features like ECG support, Emergency SOS support, Siri support, Heart rate tracker, apple pay and many more features help you in your day to day life. Its design is really stunning and it comes with an extremely beautiful display. It comes with 2 variants. One supports only GPS features and other support for Cellular networks too. The prices are different for both versions. The cellular support watch is quite expensive than the normal one with GPS support only.

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