What is smartwatch? | Uses & Types of smartwatch 2019

What is smartwatch? | Uses & Types of smartwatch 2019

What is a smartwatch?

We already know what a watch is. As the name describes, it is the watch that is smart. It is a wrist wearable device that is like smartphones. A smartwatch can do almost everything that a smartphone can do. A smartwatch can be able to make a call to another person, can play music on your wrist, can able to display the route to you using google maps, and many more. It is also known as the extremely portable version of your smartphone.



There are a lot of categories present in the market in the field of smartwatches. Let us check the various categories available.

  • Apple watch:

Apple Watch is a very famous type of smartwatch. It is officially owned and manufactured by Apple California. Apple’s watch is built especially for Apple devices. You can connect the apple watch with Apple devices like the iPhone. A lot of categories available in the apple watch.

  • Samsung Gear:

Samsung is a very popular brand in the technological sector. It also has its own smartwatches. Samsung named its smartwatches as “Samsung Gear”. It also has different categories like Apple. The various versions of the Samsung Smartwatch are as follows:

  1. Galaxy Gear
  2. Gear 2
  3. Fit 1/2
  4. S1/S2/S3
  • Mi Band:

Xiaomi also has it’s own smartwatch categories. Xiaomi is a very popular brand when we talk about smartwatches. It especially considers the health fitness factors in its smartwatches. It has named its smartwatch as Mi Band. There are many versions available today. These are:

Mi Band 1,2,3

There are many other companies that have their own smartwatch section. Some of the brands are Huawei, Fossil, LG, etc.

Uses of Smartwatch

There are a lot of uses of the smartwatch in the real world. Let’s me introduce you with the uses :

1. Not just a time-telling watch:

Some people like to wear the watch to check the time and some wear it because it looks good. But in today’s time, no one prefers to buy a watch as their smartphone has a watch, calendar, and many more useful apps. But smartwatches are the next part of the smartphones. Its use is not to just tell the time, but also do many technical functionalities that a person does in his smartphone.

2. Your Travel Guide:

While going on a trip, a smartwatch can tell you the shortest route to your destination with the use of the internet. Example: Apple watch gives you different signals on your wrist when you turn right or left while your map functionality is turned on.

3. Your fitness tracker:

The smartwatch is not the time telling watch, it is a fitness tracker too. Many smartwatches support fitness tracking functionalities. Mi band is very famous in the category of fitness smartwatches. It can track your steps you walked in the whole day, your heart rate, and many other health tracking capabilities it has. It is very famous in today’s time as many persons want to track their body fitness, so it is very helpful for those.

4. Receive calls and reply to messages:

One of the main features and use of smartwatch is that it can answer the incoming calls to your smartphones and can also make calls to others whenever you want, without even getting your phone out from your pocket. You can reply to a conversation, or can send the messages to others only with the help of the smartwatch. It is very interesting and easy to answer your calls and messages without even touching your smartphone. All things can be done with it.

5. Surf internet and social media:

Before the smartwatch was introduced, have you ever thought that you can access your phone through your watch on your wrist? Truly says, I was not. But today this is possible. You can surf the internet and also check your social media through your watch. Isn’t it amazing that you can chat with your friends through the watch, check the news feeds on your social media, all on your wrist?

There are many other uses of smartwatches:

  1. Entertainment on your arms
  2. Keeps you connected longer.

Is smartwatch worth to buy?

According to Reviews Ground,

Buying a smartwatch is not a waste of money. You can get a lot of features which can help you all along the day. If you wear a normal watch regularly, then you will surely be going to love the smartwatch if you buy it in the future.

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